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Fishing Trip Packages & Price

Our prices vary from trip to trip. Whether you want to fish past nine miles on an offshore trip or within 9 miles on an nearshore trip we can customize your fishing charter to fit your needs, from fishing trips, private island tours , to sunset cruises , let us be your one stop shop to a wonderful experience during your vacation. 

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Deep Sea Bottom Fishing/Trolling Package

  • Hotshot

    (4 Hour)


  • 3/4 Day

    (5 Hour)


  • Avid Angler

    (6 Hour)


9-25 Nautical Miles Offshore

If your looking for fine fillets these are the trips for you! Whether its your first time saltwater fishing, a kid, or an avid angler we are going to make sure you get the action you are after.

Up to 5 Passengers, 6th passenger +$50.

Special Note: due to limited time our 4 hour bottom fishing trips are quick. Which doesn’t allow time for “culling fish” if they are legal they go in the box. If you are looking to have more time to throw back and chase after the bigger ones I recommend a 5 or 6 hour trip.  We are going to kill fish with whichever trip you choose!

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Nearshore Trolling

  • Standard Trip

    (4 Hour)


  • Extended Trip

    (5 Hour)


These are very scenic trips, trolling around the historic sand island lighthouse all the way to the oil and gas platforms that are spread out off the alabama coast! Or chumming up the waters for sharks. These are great trips for kids. The boat is always moving while trolling. Anchored for shark fishing. Land will always be visible.  Want to let your kid drive the boat? We'd love for them too. While teaching them about the instruments on the boat at the same time!

Up to 5 Passengers, 6th passenger +$50.

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Sunset Cruise / Beach Excursion

  • Standard Trip

    (1.5 Hour)


  • Extended Sunset / Beach Trip



Join us for a relaxing 1.5 hour cruise around sunset with up to 6 passengers. 

Special Note: This trip does not include or allow any fishing.

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Shark Charters

We also offer custom shark charters! We get the big baits out for these trips, if your looking at the chance to fight something that will test your endurance this is the trip for you!